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Tips for a Smooth Closing

Keep the activity of your Bank accounts to a minimum.


Activity that substantially changes the balance of your account in the last two statement cycles will require an explanation. You need to discuss gifts and loans paid back to you with your Loan Officer. Cash deposits are never a good Idea.


Do not pay off debt before consulting with your Loan Officer. 


You may be better off having the extra cash than reduced monthly debt.


Do not apply for, or co-sign for any new debt.


Co-signing obligates you for the loan. This applies to student loans even if they’re deferred. 


Change of employment


Discuss plans for changing employers with your Loan Officer. Most changes are fine but some could delay your home purchase for up to two years. 


Condo Purchase


Condo fees can range from $40 - $1500 + per month. This affects how much you’re qualified for. Certain characteristics of the building may affect your qualification as well. You should review these factors with your Loan Officer before you see the property. 


Get your funds ready.


Know your Banks rules on wiring funds and obtaining Bank checks. Some Banks have very restrictivepolicies that will delay your closing if not prepared well in advance.

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